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Who are You-smoke-mids.com, Alien Octane, the CEO and why cannabis and psychedelics and psilocybin?

We built a community that is a truly safe community. We are businessmen whose sole purpose is to connect PREMIUM Vendors with the finest customers from around the world! If you can not find what you need, we put you in touch with the person that can. Alien Octane Worldwide gives you the resources for your cannabis needs.

You-smoke-mids.com / Alien Octane is from the mind of Alien Octane. We want to bring everyone together in a safe community space online, secure and monitored by its own members. We verify all vendors. If a vendor fails to deliver they are removed. It is a self patrolling community where everyone looks out for everyone else, there is no bullshit, just business! Telegram, lists of vendors and how to access, Merch, Worldstar News Feeds and more each and every day. We are building out locations pages around the United States. Do a quick Google search to see if you find yours? No page yet? Shoot us an email and tell us why your city or town should be on the website! We look forward to hearing from everyone.
Limited numbers of quality cannabis or psilocybin events, vendors or locals near you? Get on the telegram channel or the site and find out who is near you. These are all qualified and verified. Picking up in town or having a delivery make sure the pack landz every time. Packlanderz make sure the packs are landing every single day. Don't want to look at all of them, Join Alien Octane Telegram Now and look for the verified tag. If you are looking for specific brands such as Beazy buds, Blueprint, Life is not Grape, Doja, Hylia Farms, The Real Sheesh, ifearmids, or any brands by name send a message and get connected with what you need.

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Cannabis Dipsensaries, Cannabis Vendors, Cannabis Shipping, Cannabis Events, Cannabis Pop Ups, the local cannabis sesh, cannabis delivery! Alien Octane and You-smoke-mids.com have your cannabis needs covered wherever you are and whatever you are looking for!

FLCC420 - #1 in CFL

FLCC - Florida Cannabis Community - is an originator in Central Florida. The FLCC420 Discord provides access to chat, vendors, PPV events, video chats and much more. Please verify and make sure you upgrade your membership to access PPV and all kinds of other bonuses.

Alien Octane WorldWide

The OG Telegram channel before everyone hopped on. Get in and talk shit, show your wares, get some tips, learn to grow, post pics. Get connected with your next plug or a plug for your vacation. Get in! psilocybin, lows, mids, exotics, single source, organic. Anything you need you will find. Stop being scammed and trying to find a reputable cannabis or psilocybin vendor, event or local near you. Get in!

the mind of the CEO

Check out the CEO on IG! Cannabis and psilocybin, the CEO! Trek, Specialized, Voler USA, Garmin and Rapha Cycling Club, thank you for all the amazing gear you produce that lets me do what I do. Cannabis and cycling, not at the same time. Before increases the performance, after helps with inflammation and soreness.

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Join the channel, follow on instagram. Cannabis and psilocybin - mushrooms. Welcome, it is always free to join, free to verify and free to shop. What you pay is your choice. Quality does not always mean a high price and a high price does not always mean quality. Check your source and know what you are buying. Educate yourself.

The Green Room

Chat with your homies. Talk shit about infused sprayed terps or mids. Get in and show off the ultra exotic cannabis you got from your local grower. A chat for all the cannabis enthusiasts out there. It's not really a green room but Alien Octane Worldwide!

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Worldstar, cannabis, other crazy news. Florida has some of the craziest but the crazies are everywhere.
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Alien Octane Telegram Channel for Cannabis Vendors

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The Telegram Channel. Vendors, plugs, growers, whatever you need!
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